Dearest Friends,

So Many Puppet Teams

I am in Brazil and I have been given a great gift. I am here with dear friends from all over Brazil who work with children in puppet ministry. There is also a team here from Peru and Sam and Silvana have come from Ireland. In all, we are 12 teams of children’s workers. All grew from the ministry of The Agape Puppets in their respective countries. This is a wonder and the fruit of your prayers.

All of us have the same heart. We want to see children discover God’s rescue plan for them. We want them to know Jesus.
Our lead team in Brazil, Amor de Fantoche, organized this entire event. They partnered with local churches and raised all of the money so that the South American teams could travel here. Most work in very difficult places with little encouragement. I am here to teach, train, equip, and hopefully, encourage them.

I am hearing the most incredible stories about the children that they are touching. Please consider that in a year, I speak to over 80,000 children, teenagers and adults. This is all I can do, but all of these teams are reaching many more children for Jesus. Fabiana and Gerson Simioni, the directors of Amor de Fantoche share with around 18,000 more children every year. All of the other teams are active and many children are finding their hope in Jesus. These are mostly South American teams and not even all that we have on this continent. God is so good!


Anna Claudia works in the northeast of Brazil. She does programs for very sick children at hospitals. At one visit, she told the story of Queen Esther and let a little girl wear a crown. Then she explained how God wanted to rescue them just like He had made a way for Esther. She told them about King Jesus. All of these little ones trusted in Him. Before she could return, one of the children, a little boy, died.

When she arrived, a little girl told her how the story she had told had comforted her in her friend’s death. She said, “I will never forget.” Do not forget to pray for these little ones. God knows their names and He has healed their hearts!

My friend does shows in the streets and on the square. She goes where the people are who do not know about Jesus. She shared with me the sweetest story. More than 7 years ago, I went to the Northeast and did a program for a group of children. They still remember the story and told her to tell me hello. We forget how powerful the Gospel is and how deeply Jesus’ words can touch a child.

Her husband is studying at a seminary to be a pastor. She asks you to pray that soon they will be able to do this work together.


I brought 500 pounds of equipment into Brazil trying to satisfy the needs of 10 South American teams. They do such wonderful work in such hard places.They ask for nothing for themselves, just tools that they can use to tell the children about Jesus.

I need 2 things from you. Please pray for the 2 bags that I had to ship as they are delayed at customs. I need them to arrive tomorrow or Thursday at the latest. I would also appreciate some help covering the unexpected costs of getting this equipment here. As always, I know that the Lord will provide!

In Jesus, Linda for a very large crowd of puppet people