Dearest Friends,


Several years ago I came to the Amazon to plant a new puppet team. Many of you gave generously to make this possible. It was a very demanding trip physically and I often struggled, but our Father is strong when we are weak.

Today, Jakobine leads a team of young people that are telling the children of the Amazon about Jesus. In the town areas, they work in shelters and orphanages. They work with the children who live in the trash dump. Some of the young people on her team also live in the trash dump, but now they are telling others that there is hope in Jesus. Soon, they will take a trip up the river to share with children in a remote area.
She told me an amazing story about an 84 year old witch doctor that she had been sharing with for many years. The lady had never responded to God’s rescue plan for her. Then, she took the puppets to her village and told the story of Zacheus. She explained that Jesus was traveling on the road to the cross. For Zacheus, this was perhaps his last opportunity to meet with the Lord. Then she told everyone how we also do not know when we will have no more opportunity to meet Jesus.

Suddenly, the witch doctor stood up and came forward. She stood beside the picture that Jakobine had drawn of Jesus standing under the tree that Zacheus climbed. She spoke to the picture and said, “Jesus, please come to my home today.” That day, she prayed, putting her trust in Jesus! Awesome!

If you want to help my friend reach the children of the Amazon, please contact her on facebook at agapepara. You can email her at


These letters this week are all about our teams and the amazing work they do. Across 24 years, many of you have prayed for friends that you will never meet until you are the other side of heaven. Their stories are the fruit of your prayers. Today, I received an email from our team in Taiwan. They have been traveling to Thailand to share with children and train workers to reach Thai children for Jesus. Also, they continue to work in China where there is no freedom to talk about Jesus. We have puppet teams there. God is so good!


The 2 missing bags have still not arrived. I desperately need that equipment. Please pray for it to arrive today.

In Jesus, Linda for so many puppet people