Dearest Friends,


Some people love the sound of rain on a metal roof. Others love the way the wind roars high in the mountains or the crashing of waves. These are all sweet gifts from God, but my favorite sound is the sound of children praying. Twice yesterday, I heard little ones calling on Jesus, asking Him to rescue them. Praise God! We did 2 programs at the church which had hosted the puppet congress as they call it.

The kids were given a rare treat as we set up 3 puppet stages . Sometimes, there were more than 21 puppets dancing and singing. The puppets also played drums and trumpets. We had a keyboard playing puppet and a saxophone player. It was spectacular! I loved it as much as they did.

Sometimes things were also a little confusing as the different teams spoke Portuguese, Spanish, and English. We used many hand signals trying to communicate with each other and laughed as much as the children.

The hardest thing was the goodbyes. To have so many days with people who love children and devote themselves to this work was the greatest blessing. To hear their thanks and see their faces as they received the equipment they so desperately needed was such a joy! I believe that I had a little taste of the fellowship that we will enjoy in heaven. Please pray for these friends as many are traveling today.


I am trying to start home today and hope to arrive early tomorrow morning, Tuesday, in Atlanta. However, Brazil has been experiencing protests that have spread to over 300 cities. One of the crowds was estimated to be over 200,000 in Sao Paulo where the airport is located. Another protest has been called for today. Please pray for no problems getting to the airport.

Also, I still have 2 bags stuck in customs that my friends are still trying to get delivered. We need the equipment to be released! Please Pray!

In Jesus, Linda