Dearest Friends,


A beautiful little girl with curly hair came up to me after our third show today. She looked up at me and said, "God spoke to me in my head." I said, "Did you listen?" She quickly replied, "Yes, I did.

I said, "Did you pray with me today?" She quickly replied, "Yes, I did!" I asked her to keep listening to God. She replied with enthusiasm, "Yes, I will!"

Then, this precious little girl gave me a hug. She was one of many children who trusted in Jesus today at three shows we did for hundreds of children.


I was telling the children two stories. One was a story about pirates and a very brave young Englishman who loved Jesus with all of his heart. The second story was about the prodigal son. Both stories wove together to present a simple truth. True treasure is not what you hold in your hand. True treasure is knowing Jesus.

As I was beginning to tell the children how they could have a friendship with Jesus, a little boy raised his hand. He said, "When I was two or three, my Dad tried to kill my mom. I helped save her. I cannot forgive him." I could barely hold back my tears. He looked at me with the biggest eyes, pleading for help.

I told him how God knew and God cared. I told him that if he put his trust in Jesus, he would be forgiven and could forgive others, even his father.

So many trusted in Jesus at that show. They prayed in soft whispers. I do not know their stories. Pray for this little boy and all of the children to find their comfort in Jesus tonight!


I arrived home safely from Brazil but two of my bags are still stuck in customs. Honestly, it looks hopeless except for my real belief that nothing is impossible for God. Pray for God to do the impossible and get these bags released with no charges.

I am not home any more as you can see. We shared in three cities in Tennessee and will be in two more cities tomorrow. We need your prayers. I have six wonderful young people with me from Mexico, Ireland, and America. They are all new for the summer team. Pray for them. They are a great blessing!

In Jesus, Linda for Drake, Kelsey, Joe, Billy, Leslie, and Jaimie.