Dearest Friends,
Rodrigo’s Story
Rodrigo is a little boy with black curly hair and dark eyes who came to a puppet show that Arca De Noa (Noah’s Ark) presented. He was only 5 years old and living in foster care because his parents were drug addicts. They had done terrible things to him. His arms were scarred with cigarette burns.

When he came to the puppet show, he did not smile. Rodrigo watched the program and listened. Slowly, he began to smile. He put his trust in Jesus and found the Father his little heart ached to know. Pray for Rodrigo!

Campo Largo-Parana
A little girl came to a puppet show in this place. Her face was so sad. Life was very difficult for her, but she loved the puppets and by the end of the program, she was laughing out loud. She found joy in knowing Jesus as she trusted Him to be her Rescuer.

At another show in a hospital for very sick children, they begged our team not to leave. The puppets and Bible stories took them away from the ugly reality of the hospital and their treatments. Only Jesus can give such comfort!

If you can speak Portuguese or Spanish, please contact this team and encourage them. Write them an email at or

Slaves , Water, and Agape Piaui

Rafael and Marianna work in a very rural area among the Quilombola people, a community of people descended from slaves. They combine mercy ministry with their work, helping to supply these people with clean drinking water. They take doctors and dentists to help the Quilombola.

Less than 1% of these people know Jesus as their Savior. There are 6000 villages with no church and no missionary outreach. There are also 15 Gypsy tribes there with very believers. They travel to remote villages and make balloons and do puppet showsfor the children, bur everyone in the village attends.
One little boy said nothing as he watched the program. He smiled but made no sound. At the end of the program, he came and used his hands to ask for the pictures. The little boy was mute. He could not speak, but he could hear and that day he heard about Jesus!
If you speak Portuguese or Spanish, please write them and encourage them. Their email is They are working with people that no one sees. They need our prayers!

In Jesus, Linda for many puppeteers