Dearest Friends,


Many of may remember a little boy named Patrick who I wrote last year. He trusted in Jesus at a puppet show we did in this area. He said, “I have watched I have watched you for 4 years, but today I asked Jesus to be my Savoir. “I remember how happy he was when we gave him a Bible!

I saw him yesterday. He is still very happy and reading his Bible. One of the adults who works with him said the his behavior has changed from the moment he prayed. His grades in school 1have improved. He loves Jesus and it shows!

Please pray for this little boy. His love for Jesus is a beautiful thing to see. He hugged me at least five times. Ask the Lord to give him a daily hunger to read his Bible. Ask the father to protect him from the all the temptations he faces as he is becoming older.

I had one of our puppeteers Billy, spend a little time with him. Billy encouraged him to be himself, and not do what the others are doing, and stay strong in his faith. I loved the way Patrick looked up at Billy. It was a precious morning!


At all of our shows, I have heard the children praying, calling on Jesus in the softest whispers.
They smile at us. They laugh with us. I have received so many hugs.

The children tell me their stories and my heart breaks for them. I am a stranger but they are so hungry to talk about their hurts. Yesterday, a little boy told me how his Daddy had died. He was hurting. I told him that God knew and God cared. I really believe that the Father will comfort him. Each day, I miss my dear husband, but my Father comforts me.


It amazes me how the children are so caught up in the stories. I am telling two stories together. They turn to look for the ship the pirates are attacking. I have to tell them it is not in the gym. When I tell the story of the prodigal son, I tell them how he saw his father’s house and stopped. They all look in the direction I am pointing, expecting to see his house. Both stories speak about people who loved the wrong kind of treasure. We are telling them about Jesus who is true treasure. Pray! Keep praying!


We are traveling to Roanoke, Virginia tomorrow and then on to Baltimore, Maryland. Our vehicle is getting old and so I always appreciate prayers for us as we travel.

The equipment remains stuck in Brazil in customs. Keep praying! Only God can get it out.

I have a dear friend in the Middle East who needs your prayers. Yesterday he was attacked by Muslim extremists who hurt him very badly. He was hurt and his car was badly damaged. He is a great man of God, your brother in Christ and he is really suffering for his faith. Please pray for him and his family and friends to be safe.

In Jesus, Linda for Drake, Kelsey, Billy, Leslie, Joe, and Jaimie.