Dearest Friends,


Yesterday we drove from Roanoke, Virginia to Sykesville, Maryland. Last night we had a very special show at Covenant of Grace in Reistertown, Maryland. We were the closing program for their Vacation Bible School and they had a large crowd of adults and children. I really appreciated that they allowed us to fire the confetti cannon that we had been using in the story time. The kids loved it! They seemed to love every part of the program. We were all amazed at how well they listened.

For all of us, the best part of the program was when we gave the children an opportunity to pray. Many children prayed our loud, and we could hear them praying. This entire church is very supportive of the puppet ministry and we are so grateful to them. They even collected snacks for my puppet team to enjoy while we were in Maryland. When Drake saw all the potato chips, he said, "This will be a glorious week!" Please continue to pray for these children. Our hearts’ desire is that these children have a really glorious experience with Jesus. I imagine them growing up and growing old hearing the Father’s voice.


I have a great team this summer, and two of the young men with me are from other countries. Joe is from Ireland and Billy is from Mexico. At our last show in Tennessee, Joe was playing the drums for his testimony, and sharing how God gave him the gift of rhythm. He opened his testimony by speaking in Gaelic and I translated for him. Afterwards, fifteen little girls wanted to have their picture made with him. Billy speaks beautiful Spanish, but only two little girls wanted to have their picture made with him. Billy concluded that it is a waste of time learning Spanish, and that Drake should learn Gaelic instead.

As we travel, we are having the best time together. We are always laughing at something. Because we are from so many different places, we have a variety of English accents. Kelsey has endured a lot of kidding because she is from Kansas, and has a really different accent. I am so grateful that the Lord sent me this wonderful group of young people, and I am really enjoying all the laughter. Please pray for them to have extra strength, as they have four shows this Monday. We all have a heart to see the children come to deep faith in Jesus, and discover God’s rescue plan for them.

In Jesus,
Linda for Kelsey, Jaimie, Billy, Leslie, Drake, and Joe