Dearest Friends,


What an incredible day! At the first show, so many children trusted me with their deepest pain. Many had been hit by their mother or father, but today they called on God, asking Him to be their Father.

Their leader was so surprised at the secrets they shared with me. I believe it is always God’s Holy Spirit that touches them and enables them to trust me. Their leader loves Jesus and will follow up with all the children, making sure they grow in their new faith.

The children were so happy at the second show. They laughed and clapped and prayed loudly. They truly enjoyed the show!

The third show was the most amazing of all. When I gave the children an opportunity to call on Jesus to rescue them, four little boys got up from their seats. They knelt down in the aisle and prayed with me. I have never seen this happen in Baltimore. Joy!


We are exhausted and so happy. Today, we did four shows but only three were warm today. The temperature was 101 degrees, but Wednesday it will be 111 degrees.

Please ask the Lord to give the team strength and keep them cool. They are working very hard. Today, we left at 7:15 a.m and returned at 8:30 p.m. The days are long and sweet!

Especially, we need you to pray for the children. Please pray that they will see their need for Jesus. Tuesday, we have five shows. The last three are short programs. On Wednesday, we have two shows. Cover these times with the children with prayer.

In Jesus, Linda for Drake, Kelsey, Leslie, Jaimie, Billy, and Joe.