Dearest Friends,

We have the most incredible list of blessings! You will love this report of how God is calling children, teenagers, and adults to faith in Jesus Christ in the Baltimore area. In the last 3 days, we have done 11 shows, mostly in areas that are very difficult for children. They are the kind of places that are the most people would choose to avoid, but these hard places are full of children that are precious to the Father. Rejoice as you read!

1. We are hearing hundreds of children praying out loud, calling on Jesus to rescue them. It is amazing to hear. Some pray in soft whispers, but sometimes, they pray very loudly. It is a gift to hear them praying. We love it!
2. A little boy told me that his father left him. He had the saddest face. I told him about God who would never leave him and be the father he ached to know. I told him that the Lord would take away his fear. He smiled and said, “Yep, He does that.” I love children’s response to the Gospel.
3. At the Helping Up mission, we were amazed that grown up men enjoyed the puppet shows so much. They clapped for the Bible story and gave us all a standing ovation. Even better, we heard some of them calling on Jesus, asking him to rescue them. They were absolutely delighted with the show and we know with the show and we know that only God’s spirit could move grown men to enjoy a puppet show.
4. Sometimes the children make me laugh. The other day, they guessed I was 92. When I looked shocked they thought that they should guess a higher number. So, they guessed 99. I have decided to ask the young ladies on the team for some make-up advice. Heehee.
5. This afternoon, we had the most fun. We went to a new place and the children were very responsive. They laughed and cheered and clapped. They were amazed at every trick the young people did. They prayed loudly!
6. One of the sweetest things that I am seeing is the conversations that I am having with the children. As I finish the Bible story, sometimes they have questions. One little boy wanted to know if the stories I had told were true. For these children, Bible stories are unknown. Pray for them to remember what they hear and hold on to the truth.
7. At one place, I could not really hear anyone clearly praying. I thought I heard a soft whisper, but I felt that the Lord was doing much more in the children’s hearts. When we finished, so many children came and thanked me for the story. They hugged me and were so happy. I believe that God did wonderful things in their hearts.

Please pray for all of these children to grow in their new faith. Please pray for the five shows we have on Thursday and Friday. Please ask the Lord to call many children to Him. Praise God that the bags are finally released from Brazilian customs! Our friends have their equipment!
In Jesus, Linda for Drake, Kelsey, Joe, Leslie, Billy, and Jaimie