Dearest friends,


Parents, I hope that you will share this story with your children as I am writing it especially for them:

I am in Northern Ireland, staying at Murlough House. My friend, John Moxen, is the Director of this place and he told me a wonderful story about when he was a little boy. He had grown up in a home where his parents were always happy to tell people about Jesus. However, from the time he was five to the age of eleven, he really struggled with the idea of putting his trust in Jesus. He had watched his older brother be called names at school because he loved Jesus. He decided that he wanted nothing to do with God because he knew the kids at school would make fun of him too.

However, one Sunday he asked Jesus to be His Savior when he was 11 years old. He dreaded going to school the next day. Immediately, the children asked him what he had done on Sunday. He was very bold and told them he had put his trust in Jesus and become a Christian. They pushed him behind a large metal gate and began to push the gate against him. It hurt really badly and he was afraid. The boys demanded that he curse if he wanted the pain to stop. He knew that this would be wrong and he asked God to help him. He told God that if God didn’t send help immediately, he was going to curse. God sent a teacher into the schoolyard on his bicycle and John was rescued. Then he knew that he could put his trust in Jesus and that Jesus would take care of him. He remembered reading the Scripture that said, “If you confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus Christ is Lord, then you will be saved.” When God delivered him, John knew that God’s word was true.

Children, John is now 78 years old. He has trusted in Jesus all the years of his life, even though sometimes he’s had some really hard things to face. The decision he made as a little boy changed the rest of his life. If you will put your trust in Jesus, He will change the rest of your life.

Please pray for us as we begin working tomorrow night, Friday, in Dublin to tell children, teenagers and adults that Jesus can rescue them.

Love in Jesus,

Linda, Billy, Anna, Joe, Jillian, Jaimie, Sam and Silvana