Dearest friends,


Last night, a drunk man came to our show in Dublin and wanted to cause us trouble. However, God turned the situation into a great blessing. Let me explain.

I was telling the story of Joseph. It is a wonderful story that teaches about God’s forgiveness and His great love for us. A drunk man came up to me and began to curse and shout at me. He said, "God is dead, Jesus is a lie". I smiled and told him that I knew that was not true, because when I was a little girl Jesus had rescued me. He became more difficult. I told him that I forgave him. He yelled, "I don’t want your forgiveness!".

Then, I simply walked about fifteen feet forward and used a couple of the props to finish telling the story. Since I was no longer there, he hit the easel and scattered the chalk everywhere. Previously, the crowd had been watching me tell the story, but then they really began to listen. The crowd was surprised because none of us yelled at the man or did anything unkind to him. This was a great witness to the crowd. We heard from many different people how surprised they were at our response. We were able to show them the love and forgiveness of God that we were talking about.

Surely Satan sent this man to cause trouble but God turned his behavior into a great blessing. Please continue to pray for us as we try to be light in the darkness on the streets. Everyday and every night we meet many broken people who ache to know Jesus and his hope. They need your prayers.

In Jesus,
Linda, Anna, Jaimie, Jillian, Billy, Joe, Sam, Silvana and Reality