Dearest Friends,

Sweet Answered Prayer

We began very early this morning, setting up outside at a small village school. It was cold and the place was dirty. Quickly, I noticed some teenagers who seemed very full of themselves. We all agreed that they would probably cause us trouble. We were concerned that their disinterest would encourage the other children to not listen.

So, I prayed and went over to talk to them. I said, "Boys, I need your help. It is obvious that the other children look up to you. ( they stood a little taller) Would you please come over here and stand with the group to help them behave? I would really appreciate it."

It was then that The Lord began to pour His Spirit on the children! The boys moved, but they also listened. They were smiling along with the rest of the children. As they watched the puppets, the children were obviously delighted. They laughed and clapped! Then, in that miserable place, sitting in the dirt with trash all around, some of the children called on Jesus to save them. They all tasted joy!

It was a beautiful show and a big answer to prayer!

My Refugee Friends

I did not realize until very late last night that I would be with the Syrian ladies today. We had a lovely visit! Their welcome was so sweet! My friend said to me, " I love you more than the width of the sea". She has trusted in Jesus and truly seeks to serve Him! We shared tea and listened to many real problems that we could do nothing to solve save to pray. We trust the Father to do what we cannot! We were able to deliver a number of food boxes though we had to even be careful with this project.

The ladies really want a puppet show for their children but we are struggling to find a place to do it. All doors seem to be closed to us. Pray for this opportunity.

Please pray for 2 more meetings that we are trying to schedule . There are security concerns. We are being very careful but continue to need your prayers for the team’s safety. They face these problems all the time and always persevere . It is very sweet to serve with them!

Friday’s Prayer Needs

We have 3 big shows at Catholic schools that have many Muslim children. We need you to cover these times with prayer. I have a 4th opportunity to tell a story to a small group of children. More prayer!

With Deep Gratitude, Linda for Shadi and the Puppet Team