Dearest Friends,

I need your help please! Please take the time to read this report and request!

Here We Go Again…..In April

God is doing some very sweet and wonderful things, calling many children to faith in Jesus. Today, we did 4 shows and heard so many children praying! He beautifully answered your prayers I have been overwhelmed by the way The Lord is pouring out His spirit on these precious little ones! So many doors are opening, that we simply do not have time to walk through all of them. Some of the ministry we want to do requires my presence as I have been asked personally to share in many places. My speaking will open more doors for our friends. In all we do, we are a team. So, I am planning to return here in April.

Shadi and I had discussed this plan last year but now we are seeing the Lord confirm our plans with the many kinds of invitations that we are receiving and the ideas that He is giving us. I am not planning on sharing at churches but speaking with teachers and families and women in all kinds of places. By God’s grace, we are getting creative! Most of those who will come are not believers and many are Muslim. They are curious about Jesus and how following Him could change their lives. These are the people that we desperately want to reach. They will not be visiting churches.

A nun who had seen our program before is now at a new school and has asked us to come. It is sweet the friends that God is giving us and often surprises others. She is working at a desperately poor school where the children do not even have socks and underwear. They need help. We are looking at serving 400 children. We plan to help with their physical needs and share with them about how they can trust in Jesus to rescue them! As always, Jesus is their first need!

Presently, it is a 2 hour drive to the school that we can not make. Today, they bombed a village that we must pass through and killed 5 children in one family. Yesterday, they had a suicide bomber in the other town that we need to travel through and more people died. It is not possible to go now, but we have an idea.

There is another route which requires a 6 hour drive each way. So, in April if the same security issues remain, we are taking the long route. It will be an adventure! It will also give us time to gather necessary supplies.

More, there are some places that are impossible to visit now because of other security issues. I am not allowed to cross through a certain checkpoint that we hope will open for me by April. On the other side are children that we have worked with in the past who want us to come, but now that is not possible.

Your Opportunity

I need your prayers and I need your help putting together needed gifts, as well as some fun things for the children at this school. I would like to bring the children beanie babies and little metal cars. I need good quality toothbrushes donated that I will bring from America.

We will buy 3 pairs of socks for each child and a large tube of toothpaste. We estimate that the socks will cost us a dollar a pair here and the toothpaste $1.50. This will cost us $1200 for socks and $600 for toothpaste. We would like to spend another $3.00 per child on school supplies and art supplies that we will buy here. So that will cost $1200. We will give each child a treat of 2 chocolate bars that we will buy here at a total cost of $100.

I need people to adopt the different parts of this project. Please pray and then write me with the piece that God is calling you or your group to help with. This is possible if we work as a team to serve the children. Thank you for all you do!

In Jesus, Linda for Shadi and the puppet team