Dearest Friends,

Please enjoy this list of blessings:

1. My friend took the sweetest picture at one of our puppet shows. It was during the time when the children were praying,calling on Jesus to rescue them. On the front row, 2 little boys sat near each other and both were praying. The Muslim child had his arms laid across his crossed legs with his palms up. The little boy from the Christian tradition had his hands clasped tightly together. Both asked Jesus to rescue them. When I saw the picture, I cried. I never see these images because my eyes are closed. My friend gave me a sweet gift.

2. It happens that there is an old Arabic song that says, "Linda, Linda". It is a song all about someone named LindaThey keep singing it for me and tonight they added different instruments to their act. We laughed a lot. In truth, we are all having so much fun! Tonight someone came for a visit as I was acting out the pirate story to make a teaching video. When they arrived, everyone had joined in with balloon swords. They took one look at us and left. I was not surprised!

3. This morning, I worshipped at a house meeting in the North. My friends are very smart. It is difficult, almost impossible, for a Muslim to walk into a Christian church. However, they are happy to come to a friend’s house. Two Muslim ladies came today. The music was beautiful! We sang accompanied by a guitar, an Arabic oud (a stringed instrument with the neck bent at a right angle) and a tall Arabic drum called a derbakeh. It was amazing!!

4. I brought a mission report about how God had answered their prayers for the puppet ministry in the last year. They faithfully pray for this work. It blesses me to think about how people all over the world are praying for us.

5. I am grateful for countless sweet conversations that have happened as we shared dinner or breakfast with different groups of friends. Much ministry happened as we enjoyed mankoushe ( a flat bread with cheese or a mixture of herbs and olive oil) or Keebler ( made from something like grits, ground beef, peppers, cumin and onion). Sometimes we laugh and sometimes we talk about hard things. These believers are daily making choices to stand for Jesus or not. They stand!

6. I spoke with a principal the other day. When she heard Mike’s and my testimony , she cried. I spoke with her about how I had come to see God’s blessing and love even in Mike’s death. It has been 8 years and I am still missing him, but learning each day to trust the Father’s plan. As I shared with her these things, I saw The Lord move in her heart. She became open to hear about Jesus and His sacrifice for her. I know that Mike would be happy to know that his faith can still touch others! He loved Jesus!

7. I met with some Syrian ladies whose stories broke my heart. They are trying to teach children who have had no school for more than 2 years. More, many of the children have lived nightmares. Some are very angry and others are just very sad and quiet. All are in pain from what happened to them. Still, life is very hard. Some are living in tents without bathrooms or kitchens. There are no jobs for their parents. I spoke with them about how Jesus could meet them in their suffering and give them hope. Hold them in your prayers!

8. Sometimes, as Pastor Shadi translates for me, he is overcome by emotion when he tells Mike’s story. His family is my family here, as is Mafoud’s family. I always feel their love! It is a privilege to share each other’s joys and sorrows! Please know that they take wonderful care of me, so do not worry!

PLEASE PRAY for us tomorrow, Monday , as we teach a Bible Study to Muslim ladies. Also, we need more puppet shows. Please ask The Lord to open doors. Many stand against us, but God can do the impossible!

In Jesus, Linda for Pastor Shadi and our puppet team