Dearest Friends,

Never A Trip Like This One!

I have never attempted a trip like this, but I believe that it was the best choice for the puppet ministry. As I looked at the needs and opportunities in the different countries, I realized that I could do what was needed by spending around 4 days in each place. By combining these trips, I saved the puppet ministry thousands of dollars in airfares. The work is not suffering and I think I am working smarter.

Scotland’s big need was more equipment and training. Northern Ireland was an opportunity to partner with the Irish band Reality and our puppet Director, Sam Shaw, to do an Easter outreach in Newcastle over several days. The third country is a new opportunity in a place that does not love the cross. In the few days that I am there, I should be able to do several shows, offer training and equipment, and examine the possibility of future work.

I am traveling by myself , but meeting people in each place who are like family to me. Please pray daily for these opportunities. Ask the Lord to give me strength as this is tiring moving countries every few days. Please rejoice that the doctor has released me to travel again. I had 2 heart procedures in February and was also diagnosed with a malfunctioning thyroid and fibromalalgia. Even with all of this, I can honestly say I feel better than I have in 10 years. I have so much energy! God is very good to me!

Why Did I Not Go To Lebanon In April?

First, let me explain that the chairman of the board for the puppet ministry, Pastor Travis Hutchinson, and I decided that we would talk about where I am working in the Middle East . Our partner in ministry there, Pastor Shadi, has a website where he discusses this work openly. It did not seem right to us not to also be open. I had originally planned to go back to the Middle East in April and work in Lebanon with Syrian refugees on the border. However, after we made our plans, we had to change them.

The needs are much greater than we first understood. We found out that thousands of gifts that normaly come into this area through the Christmas Shoe Boxes, will not be coming this year due to higher import tariffs. These gifts provide the puppet team with an opportunity to go into the schools and villages and streets and share with thousands of children. Most are Muslim. We need these gifts as they are our keys to unlock the doors so we can reach the children.

Each gift has personal hygiene items, school supplies, and a toy and chocolate. So, I will need between 3 and 4 thousand dollars to buy some of the things we need there in Lebanon. Much of this money has already been promised. I need to carry with me toothbrushes, beannie babies, and small hotwheel type metal cars. Maybe your church could help collect these for me?

This is a huge project! I needed more time to gather things. So, we postponed the trip until October. I will need all supplies by September !st so that I have plenty of time to sort and pack. Please help my Lebanese puppet team and I tell thousands of children about God’s rescue plan for them!

Edinburgh, Scotland

I am so happy to be here in Scotland! This is a very good team that has been working hard to develop opportunities to tell the children about Jesus. Scotland has become very disinterested in the Gospel and many are even offended by the mention of Jesus or the Bible. Still, they have been doing shows in schools, both public and private. They have done shows for holiday Bible clubs and traveled to England and Ireland sharing Jesus’ love. They were even invited by a Muslim lady to share a Gospel presentation at her son’s birthday party with all the children and parents. Incredible doors are opening for them!

Today, we unpacked lots of equipment. We spent hours sharing ideas and making plans for the future. Tomorrow, I will meet with the team and share more ideas. We are learning from each other and I count it an honor to be here with Andris, Director of No Strings Attached.Please hold us in your prayers. Ask the Father to help us to use our time wisely. Please pray that we will all be quick to learn and always humble and grateful. Our heart’s desire is to see many Scottish children hear about Jesus through this work.

In Jesus, Linda for a very happy Scottish Team