Dearest Friends,

Scottish Training

My friends in Scotland are very dear! They are very faithful in their work with the children, but some are discouraged. It is hard to follow Jesus in Scotland, but even harder to talk about Him when so many people are so quick to dismiss Jesus. I see by God’s grace thousands of children responding to the God’s rescue plan every year, but this is not the story in Scotland. At our training session, I felt the Father speaking to me, encouraging me to encourage them with stories of how the Father is moving in the lives of the children around the world. I believe that such wonders are possible in Scotland, possible everywhere!

Please pray for the Scottish team, No Strings Attached, and their friends who work with children and young people. It is such an amazing country with a rich history of true believers, but things have changed. Shortly, Edinburgh will host a big witch festival and it will be very well attended. Sadly, it will be better attended than many Christian events. Beg the Father to pour His Spirit on Scotland! Ask Him to make the believers there bright lights for the King! Help them to stand in the dark!

I Can’t Believe I Get To Do This!

I want to share with you an incredible answer to prayer! The third country that I will visit is not a place that loves the cross. Still, there are those there who love Jesus and it will be my great privilege to train and equip a group of Sunday School teachers. I had been praying for this opportunity and am so happy that this door has opened. Please begin to pour prayer on this training time this coming Saturday. These new friends need your prayer support!

Street Shows

I love street shows! We are in Newcastle , Northern Ireland at the beach, but it is a little cold. I am wearing a coat and gloves, but having a great time. We were on the street today, telling people who did not want to listen about the real reason for Easter. Still, God gave us children and adults who did listen.

I need you to pray for these times on the street. The town is packed with people who do not know about God’s rescue plan for them. They have no hope…..Will you pray for them? Can you see them? They walk up and down the street, just looking for something to do. They are not looking for us, not looking for Jesus. They are on vacation. Will you ask the Father to have them stand and listen? Will you pray for the weather? Will you kneel for people you do not know?

In Jesus ,Linda for Reality and Sam and Silvana Shaw