Dearest Friends,

Answered Prayer

How sweetly you prayed for our times on the street! We enjoyed a warm day that was blessed with sunshine and huge crowds. In fact, the band said that they had never had such weather at the Easter outreach. Our next day was cloudy, but the Lord held the rain and we enjoyed a wonderful time on the street.

Many people were responsive to the band and the bible stories that I told. It amazed all of us that they stood and listened. This was not our expectation for a place where so many have experienced religion and decided to look other places. we talked about Jesus and for some, God’s rescue plan was news to their ears.

One little 12 year old girl came to see me and told me how happy she was with the program. She told me that she had known Jesus for a whole year! She said that her sister had heard about Him at Sunday School and told her how to pray. So, she did! This little girl was so very happy that she knew Jesus and could learn some more about Him. She gave me a cool drink because she said she could tell I was very thirsty. Her kindness touched my heart. I encouraged her to keep her eyes on Jesus and to always walk with Him.

An amazing opportunity opened for me to tell 2 sets of parents and 6 children about Jesus as we were packing up from our last show! I had just tied a balloon for the son of one of the guitar players and this group of children saw me. They begged for a balloon. I was tired and tempted to say no, but knew God was telling me to say yes. As I began to tie, I started to tell them a story about some pirates and their prisoner who loved Jesus.

With 4 balloons done, I realised that they were truly listening. Even their parents were with me. I grabbed some nearby props and finished the story by telling them how they could know Jesus. This unexpected joy was God’s gift.

The Third Country

Please begin to pray as I fly there today. I will be working with Syrian and Iranian refugees, as as training national Sunday School Teachers. This is a great privilege. Please ask the Father to keep me safe as I travel and to fill me with His light.

In Jesus, Linda for Reality and Sam and Silvana