Dearest friends

Better News

I am thrilld to report to you that we now have food for four days for the children. They will receive a special blessing one day a week for an entire month because of your generosity. I confese to you that I do not regurely think of eating as a blessing. I always remember to thank God for my food, but I always have food. These children are not eating very well or very often.

Maybe to you the Syrin war seems far away. Maybe you no longer listen to the news reports about all the refugees. However, to me this war is very close. The suffering that it is causing is all around my friends and I. Today we received news that an 11 year old little boy froze to death last night. His mother was in the hospital and he was staying with family. His father is in Syria. He had been attending the center and left only a few months ago. Our grief is great, but our desire to continue is greater. We need your prayers!

Our Christian friends, here in Lebanon, that work at the center are sacrificing greatly to help these children. Thank you for helping them in this very important work. Please hold them in your prayers! Today is a very hard day!

A Child Who Will Lose Her Leg

A family of Syrian believers sought refuge from the war and fled to Egypt. On their way, they were involved in a bombing incident and their little 12 year old girl was injured. She was seriously hurt and needs to have her leg amputated. There is an infection and they are concerned that it will spread to the rest of her body. More, after the surgery, she will need an artificial leg.

The Egyptian hospital is refusing to give her the surgery she needs until they are paid $6,000. Last night, there was a Skype Conference involving pastors and ministry leaders from all over Lebanon. We helped with a small gift of $300 from the money that I had brought with me, but they raised all of the rest. All the money that they gave came from believers here in Lebanon.

It is such an honor to work with these friends who live with passion for Jesus Christ. Please pray for this child and her family! Please ask God to make them a sweet witness at the hospital.

Prayer Request

This afternoon I am teaching a ladies Bible study. Tomorrow we have a puppet show and a small group meeting. There is also a short time of training. Please cover all these matters with prayer.

Linda for all of us