Dearest Friends,


As many of you may know, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake violently shook Nepal yesterday. Around 2,500 people have been reported dead, and the number is expected to rise. Many of these people would have been Hindus and Buddhists who were unprepared to walk into eternity. Thousands of people are injured, and they are still experiencing aftershocks. Thousands and thousands of people are sleeping out of doors for fear that their homes will collapse during the aftershocks. Heavy rains are expected next week.

I love Nepal! I was just there in November, and I beg you to pray for this country and its people. I want you to especially pray for our Nepali director, Tika Ram Baral. He is a good man and loves Jesus with all his heart. He has a beautiful wife and an infant son and a young daughter. I do not know if any of them are alive or if they are injured. This family and many others are very precious to me. More importantly, they are bright lights for Jesus Christ in a very dark place. Please pray for them. As soon as I hear any news, I will let you know.


My time spent in another country was very blessed. It was wonderful to see all of the doors that God has opened. When I close my eyes, I still see a sea of Muslim children sitting in front of me, waiting to hear about Jesus. By God’s grace, we were able to share with people from more than fifteen nations.

We are already making plans for next year’s trip. We plan to train and equip a pastor friend who was born in Saudi Arabia and raised in Sudan. He will be our first puppet director named Mohammed. Please pray for all of the children who heard about Jesus on this trip. Please pray for the Muslim parents who heard that God can rescue them. Please ask God to hold this door open.


Working with Sam and Silvana Shaw and the Irish band Reality is always the most fun! We did street shows during their Easter break at a favorite beach destination, Newcastle. Street shows are great because you never know who will come, and we were surprised! For one thing, the weather was beautiful!! We had no rain, which was unthinkable! More, many many people stopped and talked to us before and after the shows. Please pray for Northern Ireland. They have been told about Jesus for so many years, but it still seems that so many people have never heard.


A few days ago, I sent out a request for prayer for Christians who are experiencing persecution in Pakistan. We need to keep praying for these brothers. They are the ones who are being used by God to reach many children for Jesus. The children are slaves in the brick kilns. They are poor and forgotten by the people around them. These men are very important to many children who have no one else. Please ask God to preserve their lives and to keep them hidden from the eyes of the enemy.

In Jesus,