Dearest Friends,

Hello Mom!

Many of the young men and women that I work with become family to me. We are bound together by a passion to see children come to Jesus! We went to the airport yesterday and picked up our Peruvian puppet director, Nemesio. As soon as he saw me, he said, "Hello, Mom!" I was so touched by his love for me and so challenged by his life. It is the same with Faby and Gerson, our Lead Brazilian directors. Their kindness and care for me has been such a blessing! Now, we have gathered puppet teams from all over Brazil and Peru for a conference. Please pray for these days that we will spend together. We are all learning from the Lord and from each other!

A Water Bottle, Chocolate, and A Jewel

After the pastor prayed, I opened the conference with a short talk to our teams using these things as object lessons. The water bottle was to remind us to hunger and thirst after righteousness. The chocolate was to help us remember that though we face temptations, God can deliver us. Everyone still ate the chocolate! The jewel was to challenge us to always tell the children that they are a treasure to God. It is a very useful prop for the team’s storyteller since it is quite large.

These friends are partners in reaching the children of Brazil and Peru for Jesus! When I finished the talk, everyone received these things to remind them of what we had talked about!. Please pray for this conference!

In Jesus, Linda for many puppet people