Dearest Friends,


This is the Portuguese word for wonderful! These are wonderful stories that you are about to read!

I wanted to begin with these stories because we are seeing God do so many beautiful things. Our project to place a small storybook and CD in the hands of over a 1000 Brazillian children is fully funded! Praise God! More, we have been doing puppet shows in schools and seeing so many children respond to Jesus words of hope. It is such an honor to be with these children who come from such hard places. Life is hard for them and The Father allows us to tell them that to Him they are a treasure! Though their lives have too much pain because of the brokenness of their parents, we told them how God wants to comfort them….how He is faithful! Thank you God!

I spoke at another church last night and told them stories about the children of the world. I was so blessed to have this special time to share their needs. At every church, I have been sharing how I know Jesus because of my mother and her deep faith. It has been sweet to see how This story has encouraged many. Praise God that the pastor promised to stand with me in prayer.

My heart is so full of joy! I could not sleep the other night because I was hurting so much from the fibromalalgia and God even blessed that time. The USA team really needs to record a new drama and God gave me the whole skit in a single night. I was up all night, but full of joy! We had some ideas that we had been discussing, but had finished nothing. I can not wait to record this when I get home! God has even provided a sweet young couple to do the recording. This is another blessing!

Today, we are traveling to 2 different airports to gather puppet teams that are coming to the conference. It begins tomorrow night , Thursday, in Sorocaba. Teams are coming from all over Brazil and even Peru. More, many people interested in serving children are also attending. Rejoice with us that God has given us this sweet privilege!

Our New Car

Our last puppet car, every car we have ever had in the puppet ministry has been an outrageous testimony of God’s goodness! Psalm 34:8 invites us to taste and see that the Lord is good. Lamentations 3:25 says, "The Lord is good to those who wait for Him." I started praying for a new car 5 years ago. We did not need a car then, but I like to get out in front of a problem with prayer. Recently, we were able to buy the car we needed and it is completely paid for by gifts given for this project. I want to thank these friends for their great generosity. The Father will surely reward them for their great kindness to so many children that will only see in heaven!

It’s Just Different

Food is always different in other places. I enjoy the differences. They make me smile. The cheese bread is delicious, but eating pizza with green peas and corn is unusual. I love their beans, but one friend suggested that I eat them with rice and popcorn. Mmmm… The oranges are bright green and ripe. They serve a hotdog with mashed potatoes, corn, bacon, salad, cheese,olives, and tomatoes. All of this is piled on top of the hotdog. The last thing you add is a pile of french fries. It is like a casserole in a bun! Delicioso!

In Jesus, Linda for Faby and Gerson