Dearest Friends,


This past week we also launched a second website called:

The Great Storyteller

This site is full of songs, puppets, stories, and testimonies from many puppeteers. There is a beautiful presentation of God’s rescue plan that tells the children that they are a treasure to God. We have had cards printed that we can give the children so they can visit the site. On one side of the card is our favorite big bear puppet and on the other side is the website.

Please pray for God to use this site as an effective outreach and follow up to the children we are meeting. We want to add more material to this site. Please ask the Lord to make us wise and creative in our choices.


Again this evening, we were unable to do what we had planned. At first, I was very disappointed and even upset that it was raining. But everything changed when we all gathered for prayer. Every one of us prayed, confessing our sin, and asking God to bless our outreach tomorrow. We praised God together and read Scripture. We realized that even though we had been praying before every outreach, we had not prayed as we prayed tonight. I am filled with a sense of wonder and awe at the goodness of God. I expect God to do great things tomorrow in Eyre Square. Please join us in praying for what we are sure will be a great outpouring of God’s Spirit. Thank you for praying!

In Jesus,

Linda, Drake, Garrett, Kelsey, Leslie, Sam, Silvana, Aislinn, Sean, Matthew, George, David, Val, Claire, Anne, Raymie, Stephen, John, Michelle, Julie, Nikita, Jane Anne, Dana