Dearest Friends,

No Rainy Day In Galway

Our last day in Galway  was beautiful!!!! We set up in Eyre Square and did 6 puppet shows with Reality performing an equal number of times. Together, we did 2 smaller closing programs. The crowds were great! People from all over the world ere there. Many families stayed through several sets. It was the day we had asked the Father to give us. In that one afternoon, we shared with hundreds and hundreds of people . Please pray for all who heard and ask the Father remind them of His good news!!!

Laughter in Limerick

The laughter of children is a gift. Children and adults were smiling and laughing as they watched the puppets. They seemed to really enjoy the band and the stories. Both yesterday and today, we were blessed with sunshine! We did 4 shows this afternoon! Awesome! I especially enjoyed a little group of children who stayed with us for the last half of the afternoon. A Muslim lady from Iraq came yesterday and today. She gratefully received a copy of the Jesus movie in Arabic. In God’s providence, this was the only Arabic thing we had.

Please understand what a gift this sunshine has been. It has rained almost every day for the past month. We have enjoyed 3 straight days of sunshine! Tomorrow, Friday, we head for the Rose of Tralee Festival! Please pray for the weather, people to listen, and God to make us wise!!

In Jesus, Linda for Agape, Reality , and God’s Handiwork