Dearest Friends,

Over The Rivers and Through The Jungle

Our adventure began today by driving through a jungle, but we didn’t see any of the tigers, rhinos, or boars that live there. Then we drove until we ran out of paved road and then we ran out of regular dirt road. We began driving through dry river beds and then crossed a running river that had no bridge. During the rainy season, we would not have been able to reach the villages that we visited today. It was nearly impossible without the rain with all the large rocks and the dust. There were moments when we struggled to see because of the thick dust.

When we arrived, God treated us to a spectacular view! We were in the mountains and the children were thrilled we came! They had never seen a puppet show and most had never heard about Jesus. At one show, the children clapped for Jolly and I as we got out of the truck. Their joy humbled us. All of these schools were public schools but we were still able to explain to all of the children how they could pray and trust Jesus. At the last school, we were even able to pray with them and heard so many children calling on Jesus!bit was a glorious first day! Please keep all of these children in your prayers. Ask the Lord to give them deep faith. We were working with a local pastor who can follow up in all of the places we visited. God is good!

A Women’s Conference

Tommorrow , Friday, I am teaching a Bible study on Philippians. It is all about joy and how to have joy no matter what circumstances God gives us. Please ask the Father to make me wise. I want to be a blessing to these ladies.

In Jesus, Linda for our Nepali Puppet Team