Dearest Friends,

All the Ladies and 5 Boys

On Friday, we had a women’s conference and I taught on the book of Philippians, a study about joy. As part of the lesson, I told the story about Joseph the same way I tell it to the children. I wanted to illustrate how forgiveness is essential to a life of joy! Five little boys came in off the street and were really listening. One of the ladies decided the boys should not be there and chased them from the room. I pulled off my mic and chased after them. They came back and heard the rest of the story . Praise God!

I was very upset about what the lady did. Part of the  lesson was about how important it is to see others and their needs if you are going to have joy! I think she missed that part. Those boys were eager to listen and I felt the Lord opened a door that it was wrong to close. It was not planned for them to be there, but clearly God had another plan. Please pray for the ladies and the boys to hear the Lord and walk in joy!

Down By The River

What an awesome day! The entire church loaded up in a large pickup truck today and headed for the river. Saturday is worship day here.  Four bikes also came with us. We had the joy of watching 3 friends get baptized. A near by herd of water buffalo watched everything we did. The church gathered into a circle and sang, “Take the world and give me Jesus”.

One of our puppeteers was baptized. Such a public profession of faith carries the promise of persecution here. Pleasepray for these 3 friends to be bright lights!

In Jesus, Linda for all of us