Dearest Friends,

Flowers and Temples

Three times in the last 2 days , I have watched very poor people place handmade garlands of flowers around our necks. They want to honor us and I always think how much I want to serve them. Their kindness overwhelms me!

It is the sweetest honor to tell children about Jesus! There is always a moment in a program when you can see that they are with you, eagerly waiting for the rest of the story. I love watching their faces when they hear the living God cares for them and has made a rescue for them through His very own Son. Twice today we were in villages where we shared these wonderful truths!

At one place, we set up beside a Hindu temple and told about Jesus who is the only way to have hope and forgiveness. We told the children how only Jesus could take away their fear! What an amazing contrast between the living and the dead! Please pray for all these children to trust in Christ alone. Please pray for the precious local pastor who we worked with today as he follows up in all of these places. Please pray for all of the villagers who came and listened. Please cover us with prayer as we travel to remote villages tommorrow.

Jesus and His stories are awesome! Everyday I see the power of His love displayed as He moves in the lives of the children! I love this work. Thank you for sending me!

In Jesus, Linda for Tik A Ram Baral , Jolly Nichols and our Nepali Puppet Team