Dearest Friends,

The Ends of the Earth

I told Jolly today that she had traveled to the ends of earth. We wear high in the mountains, working with Mongolian tribal people. Yesterday and today, we worked with the Dharu, the Tamang, and the Chepang. The latter is one of the poorest groups of people in Nepal. We distributed coats among these people last year. This year coats our will be given to the Gurung.

In the last 2 days, our team has done 7 shows among these tribal people’s. The roads to these places defy description. You have never dreamed of roads like this. Imagine the roughest white water river that you can and just take away the water. All that’s left is a riverbed full of boulders and large rocks. In Nepal, we call this a road. Some even have water in them. We are shaken and dirty and have joy.

Many of these people live in houses made of mud. Others have homes that are 2 stories with the animals living underneath. All are surrounded by terraced fields. These areas are remote and difficult to reach. Some peopleĀ  are Hindus and again at a school today, there was a temple right beside us. However, most of the tribal people that we were with were animists. They worship animal spirits, but today they heard about the one true God who made the animals.

These people are so poor and most of the children were dressed in rags. My heart broke for them and how hard life is in these places. I was truly sad for their lack of knowledge about God. At one show today, In the simple words, I explained how God wrote down Hid words for all of us to read. Such a sweet moment as I watched the wonder grow on their faces .

We almost did not do our last show. The principal of the school refused to bring the children part way down the mountain. We would have had to hike 45 minutes carrying equipment up a mountain. I offered to wait in the car as I knew I could not make the hike. Tik did not feel that was safe. Finally, we set up in the village at the base of the mountain that that the school was on and waited for the children to come down.

The Lord gave us one of our favorite shows. So many children and even some adults prayed out loud with us, asking Jesus to rescue them. They started praying softly and got louder and louder. ……And to think we almost did not do this show!

Linda for Jolly, Tik, and The Nepali Team