Dearest Friends,

I Think You Are 17!

Now that I have your attention let me just say that this comment was not made to me but to my friend Jolly. She is actually one year older than me so you can imagine that she was very pleased when one of the students guessed her age and gave this answer. This was an incredible moment, but we saw God do even more incredible things today.

Today we shared with more than 1500 children and their teachers. We did three programs in schools in a very remote area. Actually, we were supposed to visit these schools on my last trip to Nepal , but we simply didn’t have enough gas to get to these distant places. God was very kind to us today in allowing us to be with all of these children. Honestly, they were not very well behaved and the great miracle that we saw God do today was the way His spirit fell on the children and caused them to listen. Their teachers were certainly shocked. When you have hundreds and hundreds of children standing in front of you, and they are quiet and listening, it is a miracle.

All of us talked about the reality of the spiritual war that is being fought for the hearts of the children. Today , we were all so aware that it was not just a puppet show that we were doing. We are part of God’s rescue plan for all of these Buddhist and Hindu children who heard the Gospel today, many of them for the first time in their lives. One principal spoke to me after the program and expressed his surprise that they enjoyed everything so much. We were not surprised because we know that God takes the small things that we can do and pours His spirit on them, and makes them something beautiful.

Thank you for praying for today! Thank you for all your prayers for every single day that we have been serving the children in Nepal! tomorrow, please pray for the women’s conference that I will be teaching in a remote area. Many of the ladies do not have Bibles and we have been able to purchase a large number of them for only five dollars each. We are so happy that we will be able to give these dear ladies Bibles.

A Walking Bush

All the time, as we are driving, we see large bushes walking down the road. Then, we look closer, and we realize that there is a woman underneath an enormous pile of greenery. Today, Jolly saw a woman walking down the road with two large logs on her back. Every day we see people carrying huge piles of things on a bicycle. Some people have stacks of 30 handmade stools and other people have an entire grocery store loaded onto their bicycle. It is not common to see for people on a motorcycle at one time. The buses are exploding with people. Even the top of the bus is loaded with people and packages.

Double 7’s

Please note that there are two emails numbered seven. However, one of them should have been numbered eight. I confess to being a little tired when we write these reports late at night . Please take the time to read the other 7. Thank you for your patience.

In Jesus, Linda for all of us