Dearest Friends,

Rejoice In The Lord Always

Today , I watched as 2 different ladies kissed the Bibles they were given. So sweet! I taught a ladies conference today on Philippians and how the Father wants us to rejoice regardless of our circumstances. As part of our program, we bought Bibles for the ladies who needed them. Twenty something ladies lined up to receive Bibles. This was a huge gift as they are too expensive for many people to buy. Some of the ladies were overcome with joy!

I imagine that many of you are wondering what a Bible cost in Nepal. You’ll be surprised to learn that a Bible cost only five dollars, but for the ladies that we are working with, this is simply too much money. These people are very poor, but rich in spirit.

Please pray for all of the ladies who came to the conference today to grow in their faith. They represented seven different churches and some of their pastors attended as well. I was particularly touched when I saw one man standing in line to receive a Bible. He was very poor and very happy!

Tomorrow, Saturday, is worship day here in Nepal. We are sharing at church and then doing a puppet show in a village. Please cover this time with the children and their parents in prayer!

In Jesus, Linda for Tik, Jolly, and our Team

P. S. Please lift Linda in prayer. She has had stomach problems for 5 days, and is very weak and tired.Love, Jolly