Dearest Friends,

Earthquake Victims

This afternoon , we drove through another jungle. Almost as soon as we entered the trees, I saw what I thought was a fair sized monkey. Everyone said no and said that it was a jungle mouse. It was the size of a large house cat. I began to suspect that “rodents of unusual size” are real!

When we emerged from the jungle, there were huge mountains that framed a large village. As soon as we arrived, there was a crowd waiting on us. It quickly doubled in size. The whole village turned out for the puppet show. Many children L called on Jesus, asking Him to rescue them. Beautiful!

The sun was beginning to set as we passed out school supplies to all of the children. In this place, the people are very poor, and something as simple as a notebook is beyond their ability to purchase. Many of them are survivors of the earthquake that happened last year. They are not originally from this village and were moved here by the government after they lost their homes.

As the children received their gifts, many mothers would walk toward me and smile and nod. This was their way of telling me thank you since none of us had a common language. All of these children also received a little booklet written in Nepali that explains the Gospel to children. The pastor was so grateful that he gave us a large stock of bananas.

One mother came and spoke to me after the show. She thanked us for putting a smile on the faces of the children. I want to thank you for all that you have done to send us and pray for us so that we could be in this village this afternoon. God bless you!

In Jesus, Linda for Tik, Jolly, and Our Wonderful Nepali Team