Dearest Friends,

A Crazy Day

Today was a crazy day. It was so cold. There was snow on top of Slieve Donard and the mountain beside it. There was also sleet on top of Michelle’s hair. She sings in the band. The stage tried to become a giant box kite and did actually achieve a partial lift off. Though I had been warned that these days could be very wet and cold, I was surprised at the truth of those statements.

The last story I told was my favorite. Though we had bigger crowds at other shows, there is something very special about telling a story in gale force winds. Seven children weathered the storm and heard about how much Jesus loved them. I doubt they will forget and that is the point. God beautifully arranged for them to remember.

Please continue to pray for these children! Please pray for us to have good weather tommorrow, Tuesday. You never know who will come to a street show. You never know what will happen. I love being surprised!

In Jesus, Linda for Reality and Sam and Sil