Dearest Friends,

Northern Ireland

Today, we had rain and sunshine and blue skies. Twice, we had little balls of ice decorating our equipment. It was so cold that if I had had a fur lined hat with ear flaps , I would have abandoned all concern for appearance and worn it. The wind was fierce as well. By God’s grace, there were 2 long periods where all of this crazy weather subsided and large crowds gathered. I can explain this wonder except as an answer to very specific prayers. We always pray before we go out , but today we prayed twice. We all felt the battle that was waging around us and wanted to cover this time in abundant prayer.

It was so sweet to hear the band singing and watch Sam as he shared his testimony. I was able to tell stories and watch children’s eyes light up as theses about Gods rescue plan for them. The crowds were very focused. It was everything that we had prayed for earlier.


In a few hours, I will fly to Turkey. If you are watching the news, please pray and do not be alarmed. I will be working with friends who are not located in the areas of concern. We have prayed for a long time about this opportunity to train and equip a puppet team and another storytelling team. I need you to pray with enthusiasm! These children are precious to the Father and must hear about Jesus and His love for them! Pray!

In Jesus, Linda