Dearest Friends,

No Fear!!!

It is against the law here to tell children about Jesus.i have traveled to another city and trained 15 people tonight who have their eyes on the cross! There were so happy to receive the storytelling supplies that I bought. These friends are very creative and eager to learn. Already, we are making plans to bring the rest of the equipment needed to start a team here next year.

Today, we are doing a special program for children, a sort of festival. I get to tell them a story and invite them to trust Jesus! This is wonderful! Please cover this day with prayer. Tommorrow, I will share at their church stories about the children who are coming to faith all over the world. I have Joy!


Everything can be a blessing if we can trust God to work in the situation! The Lord gave me a very funny story as I was traveling from Germany to Turkey. I was arrested at the airport because I tested positive for gunpowder. I tried to explain to them that I am a heart patient so I use nitro patches and take nitro. They did not believe me and had 3 guards surrounding me . Then a fourth man came , heavily armed with a machine gun. I was calm and smiling and praying. My peace puzzled them. Finally, they decided that I was not a threat.

I am meeting many people who are full of fear. Church services here are being cancelled in some places because they fear a terrorist attack. It is not an easy place to follow Jesus and stand for Him. The message that the Prince of Peace offers is desperately needed here!

The Crucifixion Story

I was given the most beautiful gift 2 days ago. I was asked to tell Moslem mothers and their children about Jesus death on the cross and what it means. God poured His spirit on the program. I was speaking to a room full of Syrian refugees, families who have lost all earthly possessions. Some of lost even more in the death of those they love.Many people told me that were amazed at how well everyone listened. I was not surprised. The cross of Jesus screams God’s offer of hope and love to the world . This is what their hearts ache to find. No wonder they listen!

This story gets even better. I met with all the mothers and taught a Bible study on 5 promises God makes when life is hard. This study is from a book by James McDonald called " Always". All of the ladies were Muslim. I choose this lesson because it beautifully explains how God cares for us. I wanted them to discover the character of God. They have no knowledge of who God is and His rescue plan for them.

You should have seen their faces. I saw confusion and surprise as they learned about the God of the Bible and how He takes care of His people. Many ladies came and hugged me. One kissed my hand. Others were very vocal about how they loved what they heard. Think about the wonder of this day! This time with the ladies is the stuff of my dreams! Pray for all of these mothers and their children.

In Jesus, Linda and many friends I can not name