Dearest Friends,

The Question

I asked our new puppet director , Mohammed, a very important question today. I said, "Why do you want to tell children about Jesus?" He told me that his parents divorced when he was only 1 and a half years old. He spent his whole life wishing he had a father. He came from a Moslem family, but did not find anything there that satisfied his hunger for a father. He felt alone and had to meet life’s challenges all by himself. He said that it was terrible! All of his unanswered questions and unsolved problems created in him a deep emptiness.

When he met Jesus, he said that the emptiness left him. He had a Father in God the Father. Mohammed said that he did not want any children to hurt the way he had hurt. That was why he wanted to tell them about Jesus. He wants children to grow up knowing about how much God loves them. Please pray for him as he begins this great adventure of telling children about God’s rescue plan for them.

We had 2 days together of lessons and he will be able to review his lessons with our video teaching library on line. He will need your prayers. His work is not unnoticed by the enemy. Please pray for his safety! Please pray for many children to come to faith!

Another Question

Maybe you wondered why this report is a day late. I was put in bed by a wicked sandwich. Once again, I got food poisoning. However, I am feeling much better. Please pray for a program with children, a teaching time with Muslim ladies, and a home visit. This is all happening tomorrow. Thank you for praying!

In Jesus, Linda for those I can not name