Dearest Friends,

A Big Gift

This afternoon, I was visiting a refugee family in their home. They rent the worst places. Basically, they have 2 or 3 rooms and too many people for the space. The paint was peeling off of the walls and the ceiling was covered in mold. Still, the dear lady we visited had done her best to make it a home.

We climbed 4 flights of steps to reach our friends. There was no light in the hall. Pieces of the metal railing stuck up like spikes waiting for a child to fall on them. In some places , there was no railing. It was a dark, dirty , depressing place.

I packed a huge campers’ style back pack with story telling supplies. A good man came with us and translated the story. The moms and the children were so happy! I led them in a prayer so that they could trust Jesus if they wanted to believe. One of the two families has already come to faith and the other family is very close.

The mother was so touched by the story that she took a ring off of her finger and placed it on my finger. It was the only other piece of jewelery that I saw her with besides her wedding band. She told me how she found it in her village in Syria. It was very special to her, but she wanted me to have it. When someone who has nothing chooses to give you a gift , it is humbling beyond words. I struggled to find words to thank her. Her kindness was beyond my expectations. She gave me something very precious to her. I beg you to pray for her, asking the Father to call her to deep faith. Her children are already in love with Jesus and also very close to responding to the Gosple . Pray!

Many Moms and Many Children

I did a show for another group of kids today and their mothers. I also taught the ladies in a seperate meeting about the character of God. It was a great day with the children and the Moms being very responsive. Lots of children thanked me and hugged me and so did their mothers. Hope began to take root in some of their hearts. You could see it in their faces. I loved this day! It was like Christmas morning , but better!!!

Please hold these meetings in your prayers. Not so long ago, these famililies lived in places where they would have been very difficult to reach with the story of Jesus. God is redeeming this terrible war as thousands and thousands of people are hearing the Gospel for the first time. Many Muslims are coming to faith! Please pray!

In Jesus, Linda for so many sweet servants that can not be named