In June, we are going to Peru to plant 2 puppet teams among Quechua Indians. We are also resupplying our existing team and bringing a smaller set of equipment to help them with a plant they want to do. Planting these new teams involve a lot of travel which will include a 16-hour bus ride as well as nightly stays in very small hotels. You would not actually use the word "hotel" to describe where we will be staying. We will need to provide all of our meals as the people we are working with simply do not have the resources to feed and house us. However, they do have a real passion to tell their children about Jesus!

We are carrying more than $10,000 worth of equipment with us which we have already bought. We have also paid for all 4 of our plane tickets. Our real need is to cover the cost of all of the extra bags going into Peru. We also need to have a significant amount of cash to cover our traveling expenses inside the country.

Peru is not a place that many people think so much about. Not so long ago, a Communist group called the Shining Path made the Quechua people suffer greatly. So many people were killed and many others were scarred by what they saw. Without Jesus, these adults will always live in their memories and stay broken. They can only teach their children what they know. I believe that it is very important to be a part of the healing that only God can bring to the Quechua people.

We need friends who will help us with these expenses. Please email and let me know if you are able to help us meet these needs. Reply to this email and it will come straight to me. Thank you so much for thinking about the Quechua children!


We are in desperate need of a Spanish translator for this trip. They must be fluent and able to translate all of the Bible stories and the young people’s testimonies on the trip. If God has gifted you with this ability and you are interested in traveling to beautiful Peru, please respond to this email as quickly as possible.

In Jesus,