Dearest Friends,

A Forever Gift

There are so many things in this life that do not last! Only what is done for Jesus is forever. I was reminded of the truth of those words by a little refugee girl. I did a number of house visits. These friends that I am working with are quite amazing. One day , I left at 8:30AM and returned at 7:30PM. In between were numerous bus rides, taxis , subways and long walks up and down hills. There was translation into Turkish, Farsi , and Arabic. I ate Afghan food for lunch and loved it! They do this every day! It is a great adventure!

At an Uzbec Afghan home, I told the children stories of faith, Bible stories, and shared my testimony. I prayed with them in 3 languages. Children came from different families. However, one little girl fell in love with the story and wanted desperately to hear more stories. She came to a place I was supposed to be yesterday just so she could hear more. My friends were so touched by her passion that they decided to spend the summer concentrating on telling the children more Bible stories! She is a very poor child who has little in this life but she has found true treasure! Praise God! I have given them many good supplies.


How people respond to suffering is very different. I met many refugees, in their home or at meetings. One lady complained a lot and talked about how she could do nothing for anyone else. We tried to encourage her that there is always something we can do for others. She would not receive these words or read the Bible she had been given.

However, most people I met were very kind and truly tried to help others. These were usually the ladies who had come to faith or were close. One dear lady baked me her favorite cookies. They were lovely. The children were the most generous as they gave me listening ears, smiles and laughter. I am so blessed!


Today , I leave Istanbul for London and then South Hampton to see my English family. I will admit that this trip has been costly to my health , but worth all of the problems. I will rest in England before heading to America.

In Jesus,
Linda for many unnamed heroes!