Dearest Friends,


We are in Peru and working with our friends at Runa Simi. Their goal is to reach the people groups of Peru with the Word of God in their own tongues. In 1992, their founder, Romulo Sauñe, was killed by a terrorist group called The Shining Path. He had a vision for supporting the Quechua churches as they promoted the Scriptures throughout the Quechua world. Romulo’s widow, Donna, remained in Peru after his death to finish the work they had started together.

Donna is my friend, and I have worked with her many times in the past. This trip, we are planning on traveling to Nazca, a city on the coast. Some of you may recognize the name of this town as it shares its name with an ancient wonder of the world called the Nazca Lines. There are some 70 animal and plant images laid out across the plains. They are enormous in size! However, the job of reaching Quechua children with the story of Jesus is even bigger. We are working with a local group of believers, and we will train and equip them to become a puppet team. Please pray for them as they have a lot to learn and we have about a week to teach them.

Tomorrow we leave for Nazca and expect to drive for 8 hours. We have organized all of our equipment and met with our translator. We expect God to do great and wonderful things!

In Jesus,

Linda for Kelsey, Drake, and Leslie