Dearest Friends,


Yesterday, we had planned to drive 8 hours to reach the town of Nazca in the afternoon. However, they brought the wrong van and it broke down in the town of Pisco 3 hours outside of Nazca. We’d had other difficulties during our trip, so by the time we became stranded, it was about 9:30 at night. God providentially rescued us when He sent Freddy our way. Freddy was the friend of the mechanic who couldn’t fix our van. We arrived at midnight and praised God for His goodness! Please continue to pray for all of the transportation we are using in Peru.


We spent hours today driving through the driest land. The mountains were stark and barren and beautiful against that blue sky we had today. Sometimes it seems like the color green never existed. Then we would come across an area with irrigation and everything changed! They were growing corn and papayas and oranges and mangoes and many more things. Still, when we reached the first village, there was only one tree for us to set up under and do the program. Both villages were very hot and dry and they had never seen anything like the show we gave them. Adults and children came and loved absolutely everything we did. Sometimes, I did not know why they were clapping!

The best part of today was the way the children and adults responded to God’s rescue plan for them. At one show we could hear dozens of children praying loudly! At the end of both programs, the pastor invited anyone interested in responding to the Gospel to come forward. In both places, many adults and children stood up. It was the sweetest day!

It was also the hardest day because of a question a little boy asked me. Fernando wanted to know when I would come again. I explained to him that the world is full of many children who have never heard about Jesus and that I needed to go and tell more children about God’s love for them. I reminded him that I would see him again some day in heaven. He had prayed today and that is why he felt such a connection with all of us. Other children asked the same question. Please pray for Fernando and all the other children who heard the best story today.


On our way home from our last show, we stopped and climbed a tall tower. This enabled us to see many of the Nazca Lines and we were all delighted! It cost 60 cents a person and I though the money was well spent! Just as we arrived, the sun was setting and the sky was a beautiful shade of pink! This was one of those unexpected gifts the Father gave us at the end of the most wonderful day!

In Jesus,

Linda for Leslie, Drake, and Kelsey