Dearest Friends,

In The Middle Of Nowhere

We drove on a paved road for about half of the trip to the village. It was dusty and mostly brown. Part of our drive was on a dirt road, but the best part of the trip was the dry river bed. We had a very bumpy ride, but saw some wonderful rocks. I really like rocks and mountains and I saw plenty of both today! I also ate a bug, a rather large bug, but that was an accident.

It seemed we were in the middle of nowhere. I imagined that children could grow up in this place and not know about the rest of the world. Buses do not come there and I saw few cars. We drove down a main street to the little church. The pastor was wearing a brightly colored shirt which really stood out against the sea of brown we had just crossed. They had hung balloons everywhere. The one room church had a table running down the center of it and was covered with cakes , popcorn, snacks, and candy. It was a child’s dream come true!

We set up under a few small trees. It seemed the whole village came! At one point, the puppets were singing and a herd of goats and sheep were passing behind them. Many children prayed out loud, asking God to forgive them and Jesus to rescue them. What a fantastic afternoon! Who cares about the dust and the bugs…. What a wonderful afternoon! Though we had other opportunities today, this was the show we all especially loved. We are happy and eager to see what the Father gives us tomorrow!

Please continue to pray for the children of Peru!

In Jesus, Linda for the Team