Dearest Friends,

Just A Bandaid

A little boy came to our show this afternoon and fell, scraping his leg. We were set up on a paved play area in a very poor part of town. There was not a tree in sight and everything was brown. Nazca is actually the second driest place in the world. So it was no surprise that all the children , as well as us, were very dirty. The little boy showed signs of neglect and smelled very bad. My heart broke for him. While the puppets were up, I cleaned his leg and put some triple antibiotic ointment on him. Then I put an oversized bandage on him. He grinned the biggest grin. I put my arm around him and tried to comfort him. Please pray for this little boy! I hope he was one of the many children who called on Jesus this afternoon. Please pray for all of the children in this miserable place to trust in a wonderful Savior! Jesus is enough!

The Very Badly Behaved School

The children at our morning show were absolutely terrible in their behavior. You really can not imagine what we experienced. They kept trying to get into all of the equipment . They were yelling and running around. The teachers were no help and we had to organize all of their chairs. They were so loud when we started the show that I almost gave up and did not continue. The only other time we ever had to stop a show was also in Peru many years ago. It was the same kind of situation. I prayed and this is what the Father told me to say, " I know something about you that you do not know about yourselves. I know you can listen!"

By the time I started the story, they were all quiet and listening. It was a miracle! Some of the teachers came over and listened. When I prayed with them, so many children trusted in Jesus. We knew that God had calmed them and called many to Himself ! Rejoice! I also remembered to tell them that I was very proud of them for listening! Children will usually rise to your expectations as long as you remember to trust the Lord with their problems. Hold them in your prayers! I will hold them in my heart!

In Jesus, Linda for Nemesio, Carmen, Drake, Leslie, and Kelsey