Dearest Friends,

Beautiful Days

The last 2 days took us across miles and miles of desert. The landscape sometimes resembled a movie’s presentation of another planet. Sandy is as high as mountains surrounded us. Suddenly, we entered an area with irrigation and saw green fields. It was so strange to see green after so much brown.

Yesterday, our programs took us to the ocean. We saw sea lions and penguins. Here, sea lions are called sea wolves. We watched the fog roll across distant dunes until we could not tell where the sand stopped and the sky began. The sun set behind the sandy mountains and cast an eerie orange glow across that part of the desert. The wonders of our Father’s creation have delighted us!

Even more amazing than the wonders we saw in the desert was the response of the children to the story of Jesus! We have heard a sea of children praying, asking Jesus to rescue them! Children lined up to thank me and kiss me on the cheek at one show. Many of the teachers have been so happy with the program and asked us to come again. Several times, I was told by the principals and others that we are bringing light to their darkness. This is a sweet and wondrous time!

For the past 3 days, we have spent over 3 hours a night training our new team. We usually have dinner at 9:30 or 10:00 and collapse into bed. Though we may be tired, our hearts are dancing with joy! We have a new team in Peru! Our lead director, Nemesio, dreams of a Peruvian conference. God is giving us a great trip to Peru!

In Jesus, Linda for everybody