Dearest Friends,

Incredible Days

We have seen so many children who have no hope find their hope in Jesus in the last few days. Many programs happened in schools, both in the city of Nazca and in distant villages. At several places where we did programs, all of the children’s parents worked on farms. At one place, we saw God change the principal’s heart toward us. He became happy that we came and wanted us to come again. It was beautiful to see!

One show was on top of a windswept hill with the best view of the mountains on one side. On the other side, we overlooked a large cemetery and fields of cactus. The children lived in some of the worse homes we have seen. They were constructed mostly of panels of woven reeds with a few pieces of wood someone threw away. To have the privilege of being part of God’s plan to give those children smiles and laughter and more was a sweet blessing!

My favorite adventure was the show that took us deep into the mountains to a mining village called Saramarco. You would not be live the basically one lane dirt road that wound around and around numerous mountains. We went up and down and arrived long after dark. We found a paved lit area with space for the children to sit, but we still needed our cell phones to identify chalk colors and puppets. It is was very dark in more important ways.There is no church in that place. Our pastor friend wants to put a church , but has never been able to get a single adult to talk to him. There were so many that came to the puppet show! He was thrilled.

Along the way, we saw a 1000 year old Hurango tree, visted the pyramids at Cahuachi, and saw the lost Incan city. I know what you are thinking. How lost is it if there are signs to it? Best of all, we have a wonderful new puppet team! God is very kind to us!

In Jesus, Linda for all of us