Dearest Friends,


Yesterday. I taught a women’s conference on the love of God. It was a humbling and beautiful experience. Many of the ladies walked hours traveling to and from the conference. When we finished, we offered Bibles to everyone who did not have one. We gave away around 130 Bibles. You should have seen the ladies faces. They were so full of joy and so thankful for what they considered an unimaginable gift. Each Bible cost us only 5 dollars, yet many save for years to try and buy a Bible. God is so good to us!

Dirt and Rags

Three shows put a sea of children in front of us!. In Nepali culture, they are at the bottom of the social ladder. They are poor and dirty and so precious to our Lord. We invited them to become sons and daughters of the most high God. What an incredible thought! In their world , they have no place … no worth. Our King sees it very differently! What a blesssing to see their joy!

A Personal Note.

Please forgive my delay in writing. I have been quite ill, but still working. I simply had no more energy after we did the programs for the children and I taught the women’s conference. I would appreciate your prayers!

In Jesus, Linda for all of the Nepali team