Syrian Refugees

It was the greatest pleasure to share with a room full of children and Moms that the living God offers them His extravagant love in the person of His Son! Everyone was very positive about the show. Smiles were everywhere as these dear Muslim Moms and children heard how they could trust in Jesus. God is so kind to me!

I was given a second opportunity as I met with the Moms by themselves. I presented a Bible study which revealed to them the character of God. It seemed the verses that grabbed them the most were in Psalms and Romans. "Before I formed you in the womb , I knew you." They loved God’s everlasting love as presented in Romans 8:31-38.

I had many sweet conversations afterwards. Some ladies asked me to pray with them. No one took exception to the Gospel. One said," I do not understand how you could forgive people who hurt you." I explained that we are forgiven and so we can forgive. She was amazed! Please keep praying for these children and their mothers!

Your Big Beautiful Opportunity

Would you like to send a Muslim child to a Christian camp? You can be a blessing. Last year , of the 135 children who attended, 40 put their trust in Jesus. This camp lasts for 5 nights and 6 days and only cost $100 per child. How many children can we send?

Consider the story of a little boy who came to camp. His father was an alcoholic who would tell him to sing and then beat him. He sang a song for the children at camp and when they clapped, he was amazed! Suddenly, he was encouraged.

He said as he put his trust in Jesus, "There is hope in my heart!" Let me know what the Lord leads you to do.

In Jesus, Linda