Dearest Friends ,

Thank you for your prayers! Let me share with you what the Lord has done:
1.I had a beautiful opportunity to share at a children’s festival! This was a very sweet time that was organized by very brace and loving people. They see the real need that children have to hear about Jesus and are willing to do anything so that the children can have hope..
2. Another day Zi met with many Muslim children who heard about God’s rescue plan for them got the first time. I saw them laugh and smile and leave with joy.
3. I was able to offer the comfort of the Gospel
To children who had known the horrors of war. They drew pictures of bombs falling on their home.
4. I visited with several families who are all refugees and want one thing… a home. The children loved the story of Joseph! I used it to explain the forgiveness that Jesus offers. They really listened!
5. Another day , I was with Afghan ladies who have names that mean the des and the heavens and flowers. They were good listeners as I told them about the God of the Bible who made the stars and the heavens. I taught them about Gods never ending love for them!
6. A room full of children enjoyed 3 stories about Hod"s extravagant love for them. What a blessing!

I know that I have not given you many details, but those things are not wise to share and they are not needed for prayer. Please fall on your knees for all of these children and women who suffer the most from not having the hope that is Jesus living in their hearts. Please pray for 3 opportunities tomorrow!

In Jesus, Linda