Dearest Friends,

I Love Jesus !

Something wonderful happened to me at a meeting of Muslim women that I shared with about the character of the God of the Bible. The talk had gone really well and some precious few wanted to know more. Not everyone listened , but they were respectful to the other’s desire. It was a blessing.!

A veiled lady approached me, looking to her right and then her left. She smiled and spoke layoff was from , but clearly. She said, " I love Jesus!" I was shocked and delighted and amazed. Then I began to wonder… who else would make the same confession.? The Father is calling these dear ladies to Himself.


The other day , I was amazed at all of the people the Lord had brought together to share with the children . My translator was from Egypt.. The other helpers were from Khazakstan, America, and Sudan and Saudi Arabia. My puppet director is named Mohammed. Though none of the children at one show had ever heard about Jesus, they loved what they heard. Their parents asked for them to hear more about Jesus. This is the power of the cross! Incredible!

In Jesus, Linda