Dearest Friends,

Balloon Dogs and Prayers

The children who sat in front of us yesterday lived in a difficult place. Most of their families had lost their homes in the 2007 earthquake. They had never recovered from the disaster and had moved to this place to throw together a house of sorts.

The church was not in much better shape. It had panels of woven basket for a roof. In places, it was still broken from the earthquake. Nothing about the surroundings diminished the children’s enthusiasm! They loved the show!

Before the show, because everyone was so late, we had entertained the children with puppets and a balloon tying class. All of those things made the children very comfortable with us. When it came time to pray, it was the boys in the balloon class that prayed loudest and strongest! Pray for these children!


Today, we do 2 shows and then travel to Chosica for a Peruvian puppet conference! Please cover us with your prayers!

In Jesus, Linda for everyone!