Dearest Friends,

Joy and Delight!

Last night, 4 of our Peruvian teams brought a report on their work. Their words were full of joy and gave me great delight! Please pray for them! Your generosity made this possible!!


Nemesio leads this team . He is overall the teams in Peru. The other night he shared how he had come to faith as a little boy. Soon his faith was tested as a communist terrorist group , Scendaro Luminosa, killed his older brother who was also his pastor. They killed so many, but his faith held.

He spoke of how they did a Christmas camp in a remote area . They collected 90 toys to use as gifts for the children, but needed 400. They had no resources save their prayers. God beautifully answered their prayers and the experience grew their faith.

Nemesio is a humble man who rejoices in simple things. He spoke of how the children never want to leave a show and smiled the biggest smile.


These friends traveled 24 hours in a bus to reach us along one lane mountain roads that hug the edge . We saw a video. The children they serve live in very remote places. Once they loaded up in a truck to reach some children , but when the truck could go no further, they switched to a donkey. He ran away , but the team caught him. Donkey catching skills are very necessary for puppet ministry. As it turned out , they also needed to clear a landslide.!

They spoke with great joy as they shared about the children. Many trusted in Jesus! In the past year, they did shows at a Vacation Bible School, a camp, and many more places. They are 1 year old in ministry.


This team is also one year old and wonderfully busy. They go to many villages where there is no church, no light for the children. They did shows in Ocala, Changuilla, Coyungo, and more places with amazing names. Please pray for them to grow in their storytelling skills.


These dear friends have been faithfully working with almost nothing and been faithfully visiting remote villages. We saw pictures of their equipment and it was sad, but more importantly we saw the faces of the children. They loved the show!Tears filled my eyes as I looked into their eyes. I beg you to especially pray for this team. We were able to meet many of their equipment needs, but they lack a sound system which I they do not have the necessary $400 dollars to buy it. Sadly, I do not have the funds either.

In Jesus, Linda for Drake, Leslie, Jess and Kelsey