Dearest Friends,


The world comes to Dublin and last night, many people from different countries came to listen to Reality and watch the puppet show. The crowds were some of the best we have ever had on a Friday night. The sky was even blue before the sun set.

However, I was most happy with the many Muslims who came and stayed to listen and the very hurting who came and also stayed. The latter group was made up of many homeless people, as well as people who needed to escape bad homes and difficult situations. One lady was two months pregnant and had just been beaten by her husband. Two young girls were on the street and spoke with us, but we do not know what brought them there.A man told me that people loved Granny’s like me!

All of us have people in our lives who would rescue us. These people are alone and without hope. I believe they are drawn to us because we offer hope. His name is Jesus.

Please cover these street shows with prayer!

In Jesus, Linda for Reality, God’s Handiwork, Kelsey, Drake, Josh, Teresa, Evangeline, and Daniel